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WX4FC Repeaters

Maintained by NV4B & W4AQQ

Repeater Status (Last updated June 5, 2013)

6 Meters 53.13- Spruce Pine: Under Construction, ETA July 2013
2 Meters - West 146.79- Vina: On Air
2 Meters - Central 147.36+ Belgreen: On Air
2 Meters - East 147.21+ Spruce Pine: On Air CTCSS 103.5 Hz
2 Meters - Russellville 147.16+ Russellville: On Air
1.25 Meters 224.34- Belgreen: Proposed
70 cm 444.675+ Spruce Pine: On Air

Repeater Info

53.130- Spruce Pine, PL 103.5 Hz

Under construction as of 6/10/13. This will be a split-site repeater linked full time with the 444.675 repeater. It can be linked to any of the 2-meter repeaters.

This repeater was donated to us by the Phil Campbell Rescue Squad.

146.790- Red Bay

On air as of 6/5/13. This is our western Franklin County/Red Bay repeater for recreational, ARES, and SKYWARN use. This repeater will eventually be linkable with the other 2-meter repeaters.

147.360+ Belgreen

On air since 2010. This is our central Franklin County and hub repeater. This repeater will eventually require a CTCSS tone of 103.5 Hz.

Equipment: GE Mastr Exec II mobile at 25 watts, Comet CX-333 vertical

147.210+ Spruce Pine

On air as of 5/17/13. This is our southeastern Franklin County repeater. This repeater requires a CTCSS tone of 103.5 Hz and can be linked to 147.36 and/or 444.675.

Equipment: Kenwood TKR-720 at 20 watts, Comet CX-333 vertical

This repeater was donated to us by Barry Canerday, AB4RC.

147.160+ Russellvile

On air since 1995. This is our northeastern Franklin County and Russellville city repeater.

Equipment: Motorola Desktrac at 25 watts, Andrew DB-224 folded dipole array

224.340- Belgreen

Proposed new hub repeater.

Equipment: Hamtronics T51 and R220, Comet CX-333 vertical

444.675+ Spruce Pine

440 repeater sharing site with 147.21. Can be linked to 147.21 and/or 147.36.

Equipment: Motorola Radius R100 at 15 watts, Comet CX-333 vertical

This repeater was built with donations from the Town of Phil Campbell, the Phil Campbell Rescue Squad, and Sam Heath, N4QLQ.

Copyright 1999-2005 Christopher Arthur