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Homebrew & QRP

This is the page where I will document my homebrew and QRP activities.

Current Projects

QRP Portable Station

I have a Yaesu FT-817ND and LDG Z-100 autotuner that I use for portable operation.  I recently acquired a B&W AP-10 portable antenna, but have not tried it yet.  For 20 meters, I have a 1/4-wave wire vertical that I have used with success while portable.

QRP Projects


  • Small Wonder Labs SW+20 (kit)
  • Vectronics VEC-1120 20m dc receiver (kit)
  • Vectronics VEC-1140 40m dc receiver (kit)
  • Vectronics VEC-1240 40m 1W xmtr (kit)
  • 80-meter 1W xtal-controller xmtr (homebrew based on Pixie II design

On The Bench

  • KD1JV MMR-40 40-meter SSB/CW transceiver
  • NN1G 30-40
  • Centennial 80m SSB/CW transceiver

Future Project Ideas

80m MC3361 (or MC3335) receiver - A use for 49 MHz cordless phone parts.

DDS Multi-Bander - Something like the KD1JV ATS series, but for home station use.

30m rig - I've never been active on 30m and would like to start from scratch with a homebrew radio. Superhet with VFO (or super-VXO) preferred.

Books That I Like

Hams should have a basic library of radio-related books.  Homebrewers can most benefit from having a well-stocked radio library.  Here are some of my most favorite amateur radio books.

  • Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur by Wes Hayward, W7ZOI is an outstanding book for homebrewers.
  • The Radio Amateur's Antenna Handbook by Bill Orr (W6SAI, SK) and Stuart Cowan (W2LX) is a small book, but it's my favorite antenna book out of my vast library of antenna books.  I like it much better than the ARRL Antenna Book.
  • Aerials II by "Kurt N. Sterba."  Aerials is more of an "antenna talk" book than construction project book, but anyone who wants to know the truth about antenna should read Kurt N. Sterba whenever they get a chance.
  • Honorable mentions:  the 1994 ARRL Handbook, Hints and Kinks (older editions), W1FB's QRP Notebook

Links for the Homebrewer
This is only a small listing; I'll add to this as time goes on.

AE5X QRP Page (plus 10-meter beacon)

Dan's Small Parts and Kits


Ocean State Electronics

Small Wonder Labs

Sparkfun Electronics (microcontrollers)

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