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Field Day

Results Summary

Year Call Club QTH Cls Sec QSOs Ops Points
2006 WX4FC Franklin County EMA Franklin EOC (Belgreen) 1F AL 85 4 862
2005 NV4B Franklin County ARES Franklin EOC (Belgreen) 2F AL 88 4 746
2000 KT4XA Tri-State Radio Group Tishomingo SP (Tishomingo) 2A MS 1,134 11 3,030
1999 KE4ZIM Franklin County ARC City Lake Park (Russellville) 2A AL 338 18 1,410
1998 KT4XA Tri-State Radio Group Tishomingo SP (Tishomingo) 6A MS 658 17 1,846
1997 KE4ZIM Franklin County ARC City Lake Park (Russellville) 1A AL 129 6 658

WX4FC FC 2006 - Class 1F, AL - 862 points
Franklin County EOC, Belgreen, AL

The 2006 Franklin County EMA Field Day was somewhat of a success.  I brought my FT-847 and LDG AT-200Pro Autotuner up to use on HF.  However, we encountered RFI problems with the adjacent E911 center, so we ended operations early around 10 p.m. local on Saturday night.  However, we did have another good Field Day from the EOC with contacts made across the U.S.  We missed winning our class in the state by just 86 points.

Ranks were 1514t/2184 overall, 13/24 in 1F, 2/2 in 1F AL, and 27/30 in AL overall.

NV4B FD 2005 - Class 2F, AL - 746 points
Franklin County EOC, Belgreen, AL

The first ever Franklin County ARES Field Day was a success.  Although we didn't have sky-high point or QSO totals (88 Q's, 746 points), we had a good time, tested our capabilities, and laid the foundation for future amateur radio work at the Franklin County EOC.  We operated for about 10 hours of the FD period (1800Z Saturday to 0400Z Sunday).  Operations took place on 15, 20, 40, and 80 meter SSB and 2 meter FM and APRS.  We didn't make any CW or digital contacts, but did monitor some CW and PSK31.

Thanks to operators Roy Nagle, W4AQQ; Patrick Nagle, N4GLE; and Roy Gober, KI4HFU.

Our overall score rank was 1611 out of 2202 entries, 55 of 60 2F entries, and 21 of 28 AL entries.

14-year old Patrick Nagle, N4GLE, operates at the Franklin County EOC station.  His contact earned us 20 bonus points for youth participation.

NV4B FD 2001 - Class 2A, AL
Red Bay High School, Red Bay, AL

Field Day 2001 was held at the press box of the Red Bay High School football field and was terminated about four hours into the FD period due to generator failure.  No score was reported.

The location was nice, but the generator wasn't.  Front to rear:  K9LTR, KF4WAR, KU4IU. (Click on image for larger version)

KT4XA FD 2000 - Class 2A, MS - 3,030 points
Tishomingo State Park, Tishomingo, MS

Tri-State Radio Group Field Day 2000 was a huge success.  We made 1134 QSOs and scored 3,030 points in class 2A from the Group Camp of Tishomingo State Park.  Thanks to operators KT4XA, KU4IU, KU4WW, W4BE, WB5VGV, KM5KM, KU5W, and KA5GNM, among others.  Our 2A rank was 150 out of 517.  We missed winning Class 2A in Mississippi by a mere 312 points.

KU4IU (left) operating the high bands with WB5VGV.  The radio is an Alinco DX-70.  Indicidentally, that antenna tuner to the left gave me my first-ever RF burn (those knob set screws are hot!!)  Do these cabins make awesome operating locations, or what?

If KA5GNM comes to your Field Day, you'll have everything you could possibly need--including 2-meter beam, push-up pole, TS-440 station, and mini-refrigerator!  I swear, his vehicle was still in motion when this picture was taken, and yes, that push-up pole WAS dragging the ground.

KM5KM's homebrew antenna tuner--it worked great as long as KT4XA didn't connect the alligator clips on the inductors across two windings in the 3 a.m. darkness.

KE4ZIM FD 1999 - Class 2A, AL - 1,410 points
City Lake Park, Russellville, AL

I headed up the Franklin County ARC's Field Day in 1999 from City Lake Park.  We operated from a converted ambulance provided by the Franklin County Rescue Squad.  It provided a great Field Day station location.  We logged 338 QSOs for a score of 1,410.

KT4XA FD 1998 - Class 6A, MS - 1,846 points
Tishomingo State Park, Tishomingo, MS

Tri-State Radio Group Field Day 1998 was an extremely fun event.  This event will long be noted for the great cooking and large amount of food for the FD participants.  Our FD score was not great for 6A, as we did not have nearly enough operators to attempt such a large operation.  We logged 653 QSOs for 1,846 points, making our 6A rank 27 out of 33.


Jeff Dover, KU4WW, listens for the weak ones.

Billy, KA5GNM, works 20 meters.

Cliff, KX5I (now KU5W) takes a turn operating.

Here's a shot of one of our cabins in the background.  This is the cabin with the kitchen, a.k.a. the cabin with the food!  At left, Jeff Dover, KU4WW; at right, Hollis Delano, WB4DSA.

Ray Potts, WB5VGV shows the proper way to erect a 160-meter dipole antenna.

A view of the common area with one of the cabins in the background.  There isn't much food on the table right now, but there was plenty during that weekend.

KE4ZIM FD 1997 - Class 1A, AL - 658 points
City Lake Park, Russellville, AL

I was in charge of the Franklin County ARC's Field Day in 1997, the first Field Day I ever operated.    We operated from a large tent at City Lake Park with 7 operators.  We made 129 QSOs worth 658 points.

It's all over:  (L-R) Wilburn Bradley, KE4YYU; Mickey Gentry, KF4PDB; and Larry Oswalt, KE4RII take down the tent over KE4ZIM.

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